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The Mandala Collection

These are the all the cases in the Mandala Phone Case Collection. The line consists of the Soul, Mind, Body and Power. Each of the cases has a different vibe to it. The breath-taking designs have deep emotions embedded in them. They will bring positivity and brightness to your devices in a new way. All of these designs are available in today’s popular phone brands like the iPhone family and the Samsung Galaxy family. Click on any of the cases to view them

Value of our Designs

Created with a ton of love & passion

Phone cases are great but these designs look beautiful on cushions as well. These designs give off a sense of serenity and a "wow" factor to anybody who lays eyes on them. Perfect for anybody who wants to bring a change to their home's atmosphere

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Our Deepest Efforts

Hand-drawn designs that transcend time

Believe it not, all the designs are created by hand. Every inch of every last detail has a value in the overall masterpiece. Your mind will be blown away with the amount of details put into each and every design

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I loved all the cases I bought from The cases look even prettier in your hand! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new look for their phones

Monica MolinaReal Estate, Magica Realty LLC

Awesome quality! I was so happy with my mandala soul case, people ask me about it all the time. Will definitely be coming back for more.

Chelsea LeeStudent, UCLA

Beautiful cases and awesome designs!!! I like mandala patterns in general but after having one of these designs on my phone case I cant get enough of them

Courtney Murphy

So colorful and bright. Can’t really find anything like my mandala case anywhere else. I highly recommend getting one for yourself!!

Victoria Garcia
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Animal Print

Not a fan of Mandala Patterns?

Don't worry. We got a lot more. Animals, Floral and other beautiful phone case designs...